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We're back .. after only 1 1/2 years. Hey, folks, sometimes life gets in the way. Seriously, I mean what could've changed in that time anyway ... outside of the fact that Smoke got married, bought a house, and changed jobs ... OK, maybe things can change.

Anyway, Los and Smoke tackle the issue of the demolition of the Philadelphia Spectrum, "America's Showplace." Seriously, all they really do is talk about memories of the place. But, still, it's kind of funny. Have a listen!


It's only been a year and a half since we last did one of these. And we expect you to listen to us like we never left, damn it all!

We'll catch you up on our lives. And we will talk about some memories from our youth. But basically, we'll be a couple of jackasses. And that's all you really need from us, don't you?

Los' basement is still open, and the rinse cycle is still on high.


You know how long it took me to upload this podcast? I'm talking three days here thanks to Podomatic issues. But I was undeterred.

You know how long it took me to actually edit this podcast? We had 4 hours of material. It took me another 4 hours of editing just to get it down to the best 25 minutes. And a lot of Swiss Farms diet green tea was consumed during editing. My audio skills got a workout, as did my bladder.

This podcast is like your grandma's strudel. We baked all day just to make it for you, so you better eat it or else you're going to hurt our feelings. And you wouldn't want to hurt your grandma's feelings, do you?

This is the podcast we've been promising. During the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, Los invited friends into his basement, and we turned the microphones on and left them running just to see if we can say any off the cuff funny things while drinking and watching the game.

Maybe this podcast will suck. Maybe it won't. I guess you will be the judge. But I do believe it is us at our rawest. And now, please allow me to look up in the dictionary to see if rawest is actually a word. I can't seem to remember my 5th grade grammar rules right now.

Our good friend, a man we call Slant, joins us for most of the tomfoolery. But his voice is a little softer than ours so please intently.

And along the way, you will hear more stories of dumb things that Los has done in his life (must be heard to be believed). You will also hear us making fun of Billy Joel during the National Anthem (I hope you don't think us to be un-American, but hey... it was funny to us).

Please join Los and the Rev Smokin Steve, and feel free to crack open a wine cooler. Cause Los loves wine coolers, especially if they are on sale.

And I'll be damned... rawest is the highest inflected form of the word raw. Elementary school taught me well.


What better way to bring in the new year, than with a good "Brucing"?

Sounds, kinky, doesn't it? You'll have to find out what we are talking about by listening for about 38 minutes, you pervs.

In addition to getting "Bruced," you'll find out about the Rev's untapped talent - being an offensive lineman.

Have a listen, won't you? Because if you don't listen, Los will find you and administer a punishing "Brucing" at your home.


So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, but I think I'll miss this one this year. Christmas is the time to say I love you. And of course, tonight, thank God it's them instead of you.

So we decided to do a pre-Christmas episode, and we promise that we only discuss Christmas for about 10 minutes of the 33 minutes of this podcast.

However, stick around until the end, and you will hear tales of the new TV pilot that we came up with while drinking Christmas cheer this past week.

The Rev Smokin Steve and Los have hung their mistletoe over the washing machine. Won't you kiss us while sitting on the rinse cycle?


We are the world!

On the night before Thanksgiving, we give thanks to you who listen. And how do we give thanks? By making fun of some of you listeners individually!

This episode, we decided to take stock in and acknowledge who is listening, and bust on a few of you. Listen in to see if we acknowledge you.

And... we are surprised to find that we actually have listeners in Romania, Poland, and in Israel in towns we can't even pronounce.

The Rev Smokin Steve and Los even get a little topical on your ass as we spend a few minutes discussing OJ and Kramer.

And if you listen for the entire 36 minutes, you will be rewarded with a story about a baby Los pottytraining at the end.

So listen in, fuckhats! (And we mean that with nothing but love.)


It's 35 minutes of German pleasure!

We've been waiting for the first time to roll out the Inga stories. This podcast... we roll them out like a wienerschnitzel!

No, I have no idea what that meant.

The Rev. Smokin Steve and Los discuss Los' mom Inga, and the embarassing things she used to say to Los. There's some real doozies in there.

And a special treat... The Rev's real life fiancee is part of the show. And Snoopy Sue is around as well. We're all about the ladies on this podcast!

Be sure to stay tuned, and find out why the words "red pubes" should be avoided at all costs.


We can tell you this is 37 minutes long, and you get two stories for the price of one.

The first story... Rev Smokin Steve gets to visit the ER this week, and makes the nurses laugh at the size (or lack thereof) of his hospital gown.

The second story... Los almost screws up his first kiss when he was 14.

It's amazing that either one of us ever got women in our lives, isn't it?

But the real fun of this podcast is... the Rev is podcasting on painkillers for the duration of this episode!

Now that's fun for the whole family, as long as you cover the little ones' ears at certain points.

Our podcast stories are kinda like the backstories of the TV show "Lost"... except different!


First of all, this podcast episode is nearly 44 minutes long.

Trust me... you're gonna wanna listen to the end on this one!

Perhaps you may have read about this incident on Los' Plethora blog at http://losrulz-plethora.blogspot.com/2006/10/how-did-you-find-those.html

On this episode, Los discusses the incident of last week where his wife found nude pictures of his ex-fiancee.

And... Los' wife Sue is our guest to discuss her reactions and her side of the story as well.

And... new revelations about these pictures are suddenly revealed to the amazement of all, including Los' wife..

We may never top this podcast. In fact, we're considering announcing our retirement after this episode because we want to go out on top.

It's awkward, it's funny, it's disturbing, and it's "tit"tillating.

And no rinse cycles are involved. But we don't need one for this episode.

The Rev Smokin Steve plays the part of "Oprah", "Howard Stern", and "Barbara Walters" all rolled into one.

Check it out, because after all this is journalism, isn't it?


Now you've done it....

By overwhelming demand, you've convinced us to do a second podcast, you lucky duckies!

And we choose to reward you by playing songs that should never be played... EVER!

Los and The Rev Smokin Steve invite you to come on in and enjoy a nice rinse cycle with us.


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